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Phase I Preconstruction Activities

Prior to beginning work on the Presidio Parkway, the Doyle Drive replacement, the construction team needed to prepare the site for the upcoming activity. Preconstruction work began in summer 2009 and continued through March 2010. Learn more about the site preparation, including tree removal and protection, native plant and seed collection and utility relocation.

Tree Removal

Photo of Tree Removal

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The area surrounding the construction site had to be carefully cleared of trees to create space for construction equipment and materials. Although there is a visual impact as a result of the tree removal, an extensive landscaping effort is a critical part of the project design.

The project's Tree Removal and Projection Plan was carefully developed in collaboration with experts and the Presidio Trust to remove only the trees necessary and protect the surrounding area. Furthermore, the eventual replacement of existing trees with young, healthy and more diverse trees will help improve this man-made forest in the long term.

PDF FileView the Tree Removal and Protection Plan Fact Sheet (1.52 MB)

PDF File View the Phase I Tree Removal Areas (3.31 MB)

PDF File View the Phase II Tree Removal Areas (5.01 MB)


Native Plant and Seed Collection

Photo of Tree Removal

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Native plants and seeds were collected and are being grown in the Presidio Nursery to be used for post-construction landscaping and wetlands mitigation.




PDF File View the Native Plant and Seed Collection Areas. (3.31 MB)

Utility Relocation

Photo of Utility Relocation

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Utilities in the project corridor, including potable water, sanitary sewer, telecommunications and electrical, were relocated to make way for construction.






View the overview notices issued for the utility relocation activity

PDF File December 2009 (1.52 MB)
PDF File January 2010 (3.31 MB)

    View a video of the utility relocation along Old Mason Street near Crissy Field


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